Land Development Services

The Land Use Plan

The purpose of adopted land use plans is to guide future development as part of a continuous planning process. Adopted land use plans are advisory documents that facilitate balanced and comprehensive review of incremental zoning amendments and development decisions.

Sugarcreek Township's Comprehensive Development Plan (PDF)

The Development Process

Depending on whether adequate zoning is in place that provides for a particular planned use, many agencies can be involved in the development process locally. It is a good idea to start with a call to the our Planning and Zoning Department. Once we know what you'd like to do with a piece of property, we will be able to advise you on the appropriate processes that will need to be followed. At the township level this could be as simple as an administrative review by staff or as involved as hearings with the Zoning Commission, Board of Township Trustees, Board of Zoning Appeals, review by the Fire Department and approval of access points onto to township roads by our Roads and Services Department. Outside agencies involved in development review can include the Greene County Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission, the Greene County Engineer's Office, the Greene County Department of Sanitary Engineering, the Greene Soil and Water Conservation District, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and other state agencies depending on the nature and scope of the proposed project. 

We are here to help simplify and streamline processes to the greatest extent feasible.