Marshall Cemetery


Old Marshall farm off Shepherd Road along the East bank of the Little Miami river in the woods. The land is now owned by Barbara Murphey.

The cemetery is in memory of:

  1. Robert Marshall, who was born November 20, 1796 and died January 20, 1836.
  2. James Marshall, who was born on April 13, 1835 and died April 28, 1836.
  3. John Marshall, who died July 15, 1867 at the age of 82 years, 7 months, and 23 days.

Robinson's History of Greene County also lists the following possible burials at Marshall cemetery:

  1. Daniel Straley, born February 1782 and died April 16, 1829 at the age of 47 years.
  2. John Varner, born in 1801 and died in 1849.
  3. Elizabeth Alice Warner died in 1849 and is also probably buried here.
  4. Robert Marshall, Sr., died in 1821.
  5. Margaret Marshall, wife of Robert Sr.
  6. William Marshall, son of Robert and Margaret, died in 1821.
  7. Eleanor Marshall, wife of John, whom died in 1867.
  8. Margaret (Morgan) Marshall, wife of Jesse Marshall, died in 1828.
  9. Mary (Marshall) smith, wife of Jeremiah Smith.
  10. Jesse Marshall, born in 1805 and died in 1855.
  11. Jane (Barnes) Marshall, second wife of Jesse.
  12. Elizabeth (Marshall) Morgan, wife of William Morgan, died before 1852.
  13. John Morgan, died 1809.
  14. Sarah Morgan, wife of John.
  15. Mary Morgan, wife of William.
  16. Sarah Morgan, daughter of John and Sarah Morgan.

NOTE: Some sources indicate there were 69 persons buried there and that the markers were still there in 1949. Another source stated that in 1958 there were between 30 and 40 markers. What happened to the original markers is undetermined at this time.