May 9 and May 10, 2013 

The GUIDE planning staff included Sergeant White and Officer Colon from the Sugarcreek Township Police Department, and Shelly Benson and Ann Galle from Bellbrook Middle School.

We were invited to tour Camp Joy in Clarkesville, Ohio, in November 2012. After the tour and a great presentation from the Camp Joy Director Jermaine Isaac, we decided to schedule the 2013 GUIDE trip at Camp Joy.

The GUIDE student advisors developed a Camp Joy shirt, in which they selected the color, graphics, and message. Everyone who attended the GUIDE camp received this shirt.

After initial registration, all 65 slots for students were reserved within 3 days.

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District provided two buses for transportation.

The GUIDE at Camp Joy included 60 eighth grade student participants, 4 ninth grade student role models, as well as Sergeant Mark White, Officer Colon, and Detective Coltrane, 7 Bellbrook Middle School teachers, and 8 parent chaperons.

The camp participants moved between three group activities called Polaris, Pamper Pole, and Team Building exercises. The Polaris is a high rope course and is known to be one of the biggest in the surrounding area. The participants also enjoyed activities such as playing games called "gaga" and "happy happy joy joy". On Thursday night the camp provided a camp fire with playful skits and a scary night hike. On Friday the participants finished the scheduled group activities and we ended the camp with the Community Leader Presentation. The presentation was very successful with community leaders in attendance such as Township Administrator Barry Tiffany, Police Chief Michael Brown, Fire Chief Randy Pavlak, Bellbrook Middle School Principal Jenness Sigman, and Bellbrook High School Principal Chris Baker.

Everyone from the community has thanked Sugarcreek Township Police Department for sponsoring the GUIDE at Camp Joy this year. We have received many compliments advising the students had a great time and the camp was one of the best.