Planning & Zoning

About the Department

Zoning is the regulation of the use of land and buildings which permits a community to control the development of its own territory. It provides for orderly growth by protecting homes and property from harmful uses on neighboring properties. Since any zoning is a restriction upon unlimited use of land by the owner it must have a reasonable relationship to public health and safety.

The State of Ohio recognized the need for rural zoning in 1947, when it authorized Township Zoning. Ohio law provides for the submission of a zoning plan to the electors of the Township and, if it is adopted, contains provisions for the administration, enforcement and amendment of the zoning plan. Effective zoning practices protect property values and contribute to a community's quality of life. The Sugarcreek Township Planning and Zoning Office is available to assist you in meeting the zoning requirements set forth in the Sugarcreek Township Zoning Resolution.

Planning Construction

When planning any type of construction, always consider whether a Zoning Certificate is required. Please download our brochure (PDF) which provides more information on applying for a Zoning Certificate.


The Zoning Office processes applications for zoning certificates from developers, builders, contractors, and homeowners. Most applications that are processed by the Sugarcreek Township Zoning Office must also be taken to the Greene County Department of Building Regulations by the applicant for further permitting.

The turnover rate for a Zoning Certificate for a residential use is typically three business days. The Zoning Office also responds to property maintenance concerns and complaints and works with property owners to bring properties into compliance with the regulations outlined in the Sugarcreek Township Zoning Resolution (PDF) and Property Maintenance Code.

Project Types

A Zoning Certificate is necessary for many types of projects. This is a partial list is below for reference. Please contact the Zoning Office if you are unsure if your project requires approval.

  • Building addition
  • Building remodeling
  • Deck
  • Fence
  • Garage (attached or detached)
  • Gazebo
  • Home Occupation
  • New commercial construction
  • New residential construction
  • Pool (above- and in-ground)
  • Pole barn
  • Shed / storage building
  • Sign (ground, wall, or temporary)
  • Temporary Uses
  • Tenant finish in existing commercial structure