Why did the Township adopt a Property Maintenance Code?
Key to the preservation of property values and the maintenance of neighborhood integrity and attractiveness is property maintenance. The Township simply had no mechanism to address the issue of building condition and maintenance. Adopting a Property Maintenance Code, in conjunction with existing zoning and nuisance abatement, gives the Township the tools necessary to address these issues.

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1. What is a Property Maintenance Code?
2. Why did the Township adopt a Property Maintenance Code?
3. Do other communities have a Property Maintenance Code?
4. Is the Sugarcreek Township Property Maintenance Code similar to that in other communities?
5. What are some of the regulations in the Property Maintenance Code?
6. Who enforces the Property Maintenance Code, and how does this process occur?
7. What happens to properties that are in violation of the Property Maintenance Code?
8. What about property owners who are on a fixed income or unable to make repairs?